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Undeploy a component

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How can I undeploy a component of Netweaver?




Windows 2003 x64 64bit processor


I have installed...


Oracle 10.2.04 (Patched)

Netweaver EHP1 ce 7.1

Netweaver SP03


Component Installed...



Any help will do.  Point me to an SAP note or step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ruchit Khushu
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    Hi Gregory,


    Since this  is Netweaver  7.1 SDM won't be unavailable anymore. So please check this:


    Re: WEBAS 7.10 How to undeploy with JSPM




    Ruchit Khushu

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    Anil Bhandary
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    From SAP version 7.1 SDM is removed , so for any component undeployment , we have to use telnet service of SAP.


    Please find the below link for explanation.






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      Lawrence Prinsloo
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      We got this from a response from SAP Support - hope it helps:

      Could you please start the telnet administrator to the J2EE Engine

      using the following command :


      telnet <host on which engine is installed> 5<instance no.>08.

      so e.g. telnet localhost 50008 (if system no. is 00)


      Then logon using j2ee administrator and password.


      Please execute command 'jump 0' and it will jump to the server node.

      You can execute 'lsc' command and check if the server process is

      displayed first in the process list.


      Execute command 'add deploy'


      Execute command

      'undeploy name=xappsxmiiear vendor=sap.com on_undeploy_error=stop'


      Execute command

      'undeploy name=xappsxmiijraapp vendor=sap.com on_undeploy_error=stop'


      Now both of the above are undeployed.


      Now, please go ahead and deploy the SCA file using the following



      deploy entire path\XMII05P_6-20004625.SCA version_rule=all



      If you face any issues with syntax, you could execute 'man deploy'

      or 'man undeploy' and it will show you the entire syntax help.

      However, above should work.


      Please execute these and let me know if you face any issues.