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Oracle 11 upgrade

Srinivas Dasari
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Our ERP, BW systems are at Oracle level and we are planning to upgrade Oracle to 11g. Shall we go directly from to 11g? SAP suggesting to upgrade to first and then upgrade to 11g. But in Oracle forums at oracle site, it says we can upgrade to 11g directly. Please suggest me?


Any one successfully up


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    Nick Loy
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    Yes, you can upgrade your version directly.....no issues....


    But why are planning to upgrade your DB from older version to very latest one?





    NIck Loy

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    Sergo Beradze
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    Are you know , not all OS platform's and SAP releases are supported for Oraacle 11g (in SAP enviroment)

    Try to check your SAP and OS releases in PAM and in note

    Note 1398634 - Oracle database 11g: Integration in SAP environment

    About your question to first and then upgrade to 11g


    Yes you MUST do it in SAP enviroment , i do not know from where mr.  Nick Loy know's about no issues in SAP enviroment , but per SAP recomendation in Note 1431797 - Oracle 11.2.0: Troubleshooting the Database Upgrade

    For SAP, the minimum release for the upgrade from 10.2 to 11.2 is

    P.S. all information are also in Upgrade guide for Unix -->

    http://service.sap.com/instguides-> Database Upgrades -> Oracle -->

    Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2): UNIX


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    Ankit Gupta
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    Hi Srinivas,


    As per oracle upgrade guide from SAP marketplace, we can upgrade oracle from to 11g.

    As per oracle support form, oracle might be upgraded from to 11g without considering existence of SAP.




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      Fidel Vales
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      Hello Srinivas,


      Oracle does allows a lot of things, but SAP is More restrictive and does not allows a lot of things. This is one of them.

      AFAIK, Oracle also allows you to upgrade from older releases, and it is "technically" possible.

      Unfortunately, SAP does NOT allow it as mentioned before.


      If you run into a problem and request help from SAP, you will get a "NOT Supported", restore, upgrade to then upgrade to 11gR2 then install the latest SBP.


      If you have a problem with that path, then SAP will help.


      Is it up to you if you want to play safe or risk.