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Import Sales Order from Excel file

Huy Cao
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Dear all,

I am using SAP ECC 6.0.

Could you pls tell me how can I import Sales Order from Excel file?


Thank you very much for your help!


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    krishna kant oza
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    Hi ,


    If you are trying to create a sales order from the excel file you need to use uploading programs.


    You have to take help from your tech team and  develop a BDC to create a sales order form excel file.



    Krishna O

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    Jignesh Mehta
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    Dear Friend,


    Yes you can create Sales Order thru Excel files thru BDC.


    I was involved with a client who had 300 - 500 line items in each Sales Order. So we gave a excel format to them to fill in the Sales Order details.


    Subsequently user called BDC T-Code & uploaded the Sales Order in system.


    Kindly consult with your ABAP person & he can create a BDC for this...


    Hope this helps.




    Jignesh Mehta

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    Anurag Gupta
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    Hi Cao,


    U can use standard BAPI for this.

    salesorder_createfromdat1 or salesorder_createfromdat2.Just ask ur ABAPER to use any of the above BAPI.

    Multiple Sales orders each having multiple line items can be created from a single xls file.

    But u need to work with ur ABAPER to fix the format & sequence in which data should be put in the xls file.



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    Jelena Perfiljeva
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    There is no "magic wand" for this. If you want to upload just a few orders - don't bother, type it by hand. If you need to do this regularly, suggest an investment in third-party software, such as Winshuttle (Transaction Shuttle). Custom development is also an option, of course, but that's another story.

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      Simran A
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      Hi Cao


      There are 2 answers to your question


      1- To do a recording without going to an ABAPer please run transaction SHDB and create a new recording , it will ask you to input the sales order transaction VA01 and follow the steps for 1 SO , after you have done that save the recording and run the same recording for all your SO's maintained in Excel  in ONE run itself ,


      2 - If you use the BAPI  BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1 going to Xsaction SE37 it will ask you to input all your SO manually in the table which is tedious


      I suggest you go for the Recording as mentioned in my point 1 ,  Let me know if this was useful .