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Converting SAPS

Jayant Menon
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All ,


We are in the process of Sizing Portal . we are using the Quick Sizing tool from service.sap.com . My question is once we arrive a certain SAPS ( eg 4000 SAPS ) , how do we


1) Convert SAPS into the hardware parameters .


2) If we are going for a distributed architecture ( Central instance + Dialog instance ) , Is each machine should have the same hardware capacity as we sized ?



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    Michal Plandor
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    hi jayant


    1) you should send the number of saps to your hardware vendor, they now exactly which servers to use and they'll make you an offer

    or another harder approach:

    go to http://www.sap.com/solutions/benchmark/index.epx

    find benchmarks of hardware suitable for you and order it

    but keep in mind, that your number of saps should be like 60% of benchmark numbers, if you want to have good performance and reliability


    2) nope, it's not mandatory

    your DI's may be cheaper and weaker in performance