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CE 7.2 Installation-com.sap.engine.services.dc.cm.deploy.NotEnoughDiskSpace

Manesh M S
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Hi Gurus,


I am doing an installation of SAP CE 7.2 on AIX DB2 9.7 in a distributed installation. The SCS and Database instance have been installed and while doing the Primary Application Server Installation System gave an error at Deploy Java Components Phase.

The Java engine has been installed and started


The error is:

[ Error ] DeployException:[ERROR CODE DPL.DCAPI.1027] SduLoadingException.

Reason: Please free some more disk space.; nested exception is:

      com.sap.engine.services.dc.cm.deploy.NotEnoughDiskSpaceException: ASJ.dpl_dc.003473 Usable free disk space [3684700160] bytes is not enough for deployment of archives with size [2264250200] bytes. It should be at least [4528500400] bytes. Please free some space or shrink the batch.


The mounts

/usr/sap/<SID> has enough free space.



Any help please.



Manesh M S