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Group conditions in price conditions

Anabela Rocha
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In a pricing condition, group conditions may be checked off to include in a group.

How specifically do they belong to a group as per the requirements? What group are they referring to?


"Group condition

Indicates whether the system calculates the basis for the scale value from more than one item in the document.



For a group condition to be effective, the items must belong to a group. You can freely define the group to meet the needs of your own organization. The items can, for example, all belong to the same material group.



A sales order contains two items. Both items belong to the material group 01.


Material Quantity Material group

A 150 01

B 100 01


The group condition indicator is set in the definition of the condition type for material group discounts. The condition record for material group 01 includes the following pricing scale:


Scale quantity Discount

from 1 pc -1%

from 200 pc -2%


Neither item alone qualifies for the 2% discount. However, when the items are combined as part of a group condition, the combined quantity creates a basis of 250 pieces. This basis then exceeds the scale value of 200 pieces, which is necessary to qualify for the higher discount."

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    James Reinhardt
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    Hi Anabela


    New groups can be defined in VOFM if required, in addition to those supplied by SAP.


    A simple example of a group would be the pre-defined group 1 - All items.


    This group can be used for instance to define a value based discount which you want to apply to all items in the order, based on the total order value.  Group conditions are similar to header conditions, but have the advantage that they can be automated with condition records, which is not possible for header conditions.


    So, you would set up a group condition, possibly with scales, to re-ward customers for larger orders.  Because it is a group condition, the discount would be based on the total order value and then applied to all of the items in the order.


    Another option would be to use group 3 - material pricing group.  This would let you apply the group condition to all of the materials in a pricing group.  For instance, if you wanted to set up scales for similar materials so that your customer gets the same price breaks across a number of order lines, regardless of the mix of materials bought.





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    krishna kant oza
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    Group Condition: You can use this is feature of a condition type to apply price or discount for a material based on common property.  


    If you have created the condition type as group condition . Than you need to maintain the routine for the same in v/06 in group condition routine field.the available routine are 1,2,3 and 30. 


    Hope this will help you to understand the concept of group condition


    Krishna O

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    Vittal Sainath
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    if you select Group condition routine 01 and condition type is Group condition and Header / Item , you can have access seuqence assigned to this condition type. If you create a condition record and maintain scales, then the correct percentage will get applied as per the total value of the order. if its a quantity scale, then accoridng to the total qty of the order.


    If its a fixed amount condition, then the relevant amount will get applied as per the total order value and scales maintained in the condition record.


    Group condition will apply the scale as per the grouping routine you maintain in  the condition type. Standard SAP provided routine 3 which is for material group. if you use this and in your order if there are 4 materials and out of which 2 materials belong to the same material group, if this condition type is applied in the order, then the scale will be calculated for the 2 materials with the same material group and will be applied accordingly.


    Hope this helps