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Status Profile Settings in SD

mansur khan
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Dear All,


Can any one give me the configuration settings step wise to be done in SD for maintaing the "status profile"  and also please explain the benefit and maintainance method.




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    Ruy Castro
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    Hello Mansur;


    Just to ray some hints for you related with Status Profile:


    A status can allow, prohibit or issue a warning for any subsequent process. A status profile is then assigned to the document type for the header or the item category for the item.


    Example: User status for the order


    IMG -> S&D -> Sales->Sales document -> define and assign status profile


    1.Define status profiles

    2.Assign order types / status profiles-----same for VOV8

    3.Allocate status profile to item categories------Same for VOV7


    To define and change status profiles for any of the documents you can use transaction BS02. The status profile needs to contain following information:


    1. Object type: sales order header, sales order item etc.

    2. Business transaction: create, change etc.,

    3. Influence: The transaction has:

            a.  no influence

            b.  permitted

            c.  warning

            d.  disallowed

    4. Call up BS02 again->choose one user status->double click->New entry-> Set the Influence for business transactions->Save->Display again->

    5. Allocate the profile to the order type u2018ORu2019 (VOV8)


    A status object will be created for an item in any of the following cases:


    1.The item has been customized to get an own CO object (VBAP-KZVBR = 'E')

    2.Calculated costs determination is active (T459K-KALKU <> SPACE) for the requirement class of the item

    3.A user status profile has been assigned to the item (TVAP-STSMA <> SPACE)

    4.Export control is active for the sales document type (TVAK-EXCOK <> SPACE)

    5.The item is a repair item

    In all other cases, no status object will be created. You can trace through the FV45PF0S_STATUS_OBJEKT_ANLEGEN to understand why a status object is created or not created in your case.


    So, that´s it.

    I hope it can be helpful


    Ruy Castro