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Interview Question on WORKFLOW

Deepak Tirunagari
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1) How to handle Exceptions in workflow


2) Steps in mind before transporting a workflow


3) Two workflows  say WS1 FOR PURCHASE ORDER WS2 FOR PURCHASE REQUISITION. How to do both the workflows in a single one.


4) There are 2 managers say MANAGER1 AND MANAGER2. If  there is a purchase order of more than 5000 then manager1 has to approve it, if PO>5000 then first MANAGER1 then MANAGER2 has to approve simultaneously. How is it done.


5) how to debug a WORKFLOW.

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    Susan Keohan
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    Hello Deepak,

    While it's not entirely appropriate to post job interview questions here, I will try to be helpful.

    1) Either make the exception notify someone to take a corrective action, or go into error and train your WF Admins how to correct these exceptions

    2) Check your transports for all business objects.  Check for other things that the Workflow relies on, such as configuration.  When the transports get to the next environment, check the Business Object, the workflow, and the assorted config.

    3) Model your workflow to follow the desired approval path regardless of the business object involved.  Then ensure that each business object can call a common routine for determining approvals based on object type.

    4) check the amount of the object.  Write a rule or responsibility that routes the object to the appropriate manager based on the amount.  If necessary, put the approval task into a loop to ensure that the PO gets all the appropriate levels of approval.

    5) There are too many ways to debug a workflow to be described in this post - Try reading thru the forums, reading the documentation, purchasing a book, etc.