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SAPCAR is not recognized

May Ghazy
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Hi All,


i am trying to install best practice on ECC 6 ,so i copied the .SAR archive to usr\sap\trans\EPS\in\  but i have to Unpack the SAR archive using the command SAPCAR so i downloaded SAPCAR 7.10  windows server X64  patch, and installed it on SAP windows server 64.


the problem is when i tried to unpack the .SAR archive using the command SAPCAR


SAPCAR -xvf E:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in\BPER60VD.sar


i had this message



The term 'SAPCAR' is not recognized as a cmdlet, function, operable program, or script file. Verify the term and try again


although i checked that sapcar.exe exists in usr\sap\AM1\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64