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Adding a Each page to a spool Request

Sumodh P
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Hi All,


I have a scenario that in the script after printing the first page , i need to print the first page again with 2 copies, and then print the second page with second page two copies and 3 page with 2 copies.


Please suggest me  a solution.


With Regards,


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    Sandra Rossi
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    Hi Sumodh (I'm not far, you know )


    script = SAPscript form I guess. Your requirement (pages 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3) is an existing function "grouping copies" for smart forms (see [SDN wiki - Copies (duplicate, etc.)|http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/ABAP/Copies%28duplicate%2Cetc.%29]), but it doesn't exist for sapscript forms.


    So, either you simply change your sapscript form, by changing dynamically the "next page" field of each page using NEW-PAGE command, or you create a tool which reads the spool (as it is a SAPScript form, format is OTF, it's described in some SAP documentation, especially in the SAPGOF article, and function module to read a spool is RSPO_RETURN_SPOOLJOB or RSPO_L_RETURN_RAW_DATA) and create a new one by duplicating each page (using function modules RSPO_OPEN_SPOOLREQUEST, RSPO_WRITE_SPOOLREQUEST (loop to write text), RSPO_CLOSE_SPOOLREQUEST, and maybe RSPO_PAGE_BREAK_SPOOLREQUEST).


    I know that you looked at it already, so tell us what issue you had with the solution.