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File repository server error when importing universe

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Hi All,


When i am trying to import any universe in the repository i am getting this error message:

"File Repository Server Error : File frs://XXXX/XX/XXX/abc.unv not found on File Repository Server".


When i open the CMS, i can see the universe in the particular folder.


I have rebooted the servers, and restarted the servers as well. First time when i rebooted i could import one universe. But suddenly again i can't import any of the unvierse and problem is still there.


Help Please.


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    Denis Konovalov
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    go to CMC>Universes and check properties of the universe you have problems importing. Take the path to the iFRS listed in properties and go to that location - is the .unv file actualy there ?

    How many FRS servers you have ?

    Where is the FRS location - shared drive, local drive, san/nas ??

    What version of the product you use ?


    Do you get this error in Designer when exporting universe back to repo or when importing from repo ?


    If it works after reboot of the "servers" you probably have 2 pairs or more of FRS and each pair points to its own location and not a shared one.....

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      Jithendra UPPALAPATI
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      I have two servers clustered, and somehow forgot and started the FRS input and output on the other server which was causing the problem. When i turned the FRS servers off it works perfectly.


      Thanks for your help.

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      Christiaan de haes
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      Denis, I get the same error message when I am trying to import a universe in BOXI 3.1 and also when I run the import wizard to import objects from BOXI R2.  When I do as you suggest and go to the CMC in BOXI 3.1 and then look at the properties of one of the universes (it happens the same in others), I get the following error message:  An unexpected error has occurred. The exception originally thrown was: Unable to find servers in CMS VU-AP-01-120.corp.northamptonshire.gov.local:6400 and cluster @VU-AP-01-120.corp.northamptonshire.gov.local:6400 with kind fileserver and service FileStoreV2. All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator. (FWM 01014).  Given this error message, I I did restart all the services in the CCM but that didn't make any difference.  When I try to create a report using the same universe I initially get an error message saying: DataConnectionInfo is Empty!!!  Cannot find DataConnection from Universe-Connection relationship from repoAccess.getUniverseInfo().  When I press the OK button on this error message, it lets me create and run a report though.  Very confusing!  Thanks for your help,  Christiaan de Haes