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F.27 - Periodic account statements.

Rajesh Kumar Mantri
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Hello Experts,


I need help on F.27 - Periodic account statements. Can any one explain the purpose of the F2.7 and from where can I get the entries to process the transaction Code F.27.  When I was process the F2.7 I am getting the message that 2 periodic account statements were requested, where I can see this account statements requested and How?


Thanks ans Regards,

Rajesh Kumar Mantri

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    Vasi Chandu
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    Please read the "I button" info for the transaction F.27.


    It is realted to Correspondance configuration:


    SAPIMG -->Financial Accounting (New) -->Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -->Customer Accounts --> Line Items -->Correspondence --> Make and Check Settings for Correspondence



    Go through the info below:


    Short text

    Periodic Account Statements



    The program selects the customers for whom account statements or open items lists are to be output periodically and places corresponding requirements in the table for Financial Accounting correspondence requests.


    After selection, the current correspondence requests are output for periodic account statements or open items lists by means of the triggering report for correspondence and the print reports and processed correspondence requests are reorganized for periodic account statements or open items lists.



    1. Configuration

    The correspondence types you require must be configured by means of the Financial Accounting configuration menu in the suboption Business volume -> Correspondence. You will find detailed information on configuration of the individual correspondence types in the documentation for the correspondence print reports. The name of the print report for account statements and open items lists delivered with the standard system is RFKORD10. The name of the print report for customer statements and open item lists delivered with the standard system is RFKORD11.

    2. For customers for whom account statements are to be created periodically, the account statement field must be maintained in the customer master record.


    If correspondences are printed, a log with the spool requests created by the print programs is output for each program run. If you do not specify in the program on which printer the log is to be printed, the program may take the printer specified in the user master of the user who started the program or the printer specified when the job is scheduled. If the program is carried out online, the log is displayed on the screen. If the program is planned as a job, the spool request name of the log is made up of the identifier F140, the printer destination, the date of creation and the program ID KORK.


    The correspondences are printed by means of the corresponding print programs. If printing is possible on the basis of the data and the configuration, a spool request is created for each correspondence type and company code. Regardless of whether printing actually takes place, the processed correspondence requests are marked as completed by means of a print date, so that reorganization can be carried out.

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    Tayo Oyesile
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    SP01 to view spool


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