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Submit Command

Masuke Okai
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I'm new on SAP and i am trying to learn submit command exactly. So if you can show me easy sample of submit command i will be pleased.( I tried to find samples of submit command in internet but there is no good sample for this).




Moderator message: there are many examples here on SCN, and there is ABAP keyword documentation, please always search for available information before posting here.


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    Bulent Balci
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    Hİ Masuke,


    Here is an example :


    Report rftbab00 contains parameters s_bukrs, s_rfha and p_dstich parameters on its selection screen,

    now we call this program by setting the  '1000', '0160000000004', '20081029' values to this parameters :


      SUBMIT rftbab00

      WITH s_bukrs EQ '1000'

      WITH s_rfha EQ '0160000000004'

      WITH p_dstich EQ '20081029'

      AND RETURN.   <---- use AND RETURN and after the end of program rftbab00 your own program continues to run


    " VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. <---- Use this addition to see selection screen of rftbab00 when you submit


    I hope it can be useful for u.

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    Suhas Saha
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    Nothing better than SAP documentation (if it exists): [].


    Anyways this forum is not for training purposes & asking / answering basic ABAP questions is strictly prohibited. Reported !!