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CL_GOS_SERVICE Invoice attachment list missing when viewing from FB03

Valerie Lee
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Dear FI Expert,


When we apply support pack  NetWeaver 700 SP 19-22 for  SAP BASIS in QAS instance, the FI users claimed that when they are in accounting doc (Transaction FB03 or FBL5N) , if they double click on accounting doc line item, and select attachment list icon, they will see a pop up of original invoice document attachment that were archived when we processed the invoices. 


However after apply the support package to PRD, they do the same thing in PRD instance but now they no longer see attachment list of invoice document.  The strange thing is that now they go back to QAS instance and it behaves exactly like PRD instance (cannot see attachment list when double click on line item and select icon Attachment list).  There is a work around, yuo still be able to see the attachment list when you are in billing document (transaction VF03). 


Anyone know why?  It does not make sense to me that why you are in accounting doc but you want to see attachment list of original invoice doc.  However the users claimed that it is the only way they know how to view attachment list when they are in FBL5N or FB03 and they did test it in QAS before sign off testing to apply support package to PRD.  If you manually create the attchment, you can see these documents but not the invoice that were archived.