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Automatic generation of PO at GR

Sumit Talukdar
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I am trying to generate PO automatically at the time of GR.

1. I have marked movement type 101 as relevant for Automatic PO generation in the node "Create purchase order automatically"

2. My plant is assigned to a standard purchase organization

3. I have a valid info record


Question is,

1. which transaction should I use for GR? " MIGO > Goods Receipt > others" or "MIGo>Goods receipt> Purchase order" or something else?


2. if I do as "MIGO > Goods Receipt > others", I am getting a error "Enter vendor". But I have already mentioned vendor in the item details level at "Partner" tab-  field label 'Vendor'


Pls help.

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    Bijay Kumar Barik
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    When you have done all setting for creation of auto PO during GR, then you need to enter Vendor number during GR( in MIGO t.code & reference as Others ) as you have activated  LIFNR field as a Mandatory field for 101 movement type. when you save  the GR ...automatically PO will be created &  you can see PO number by displaying the MIGO Document.


    Note: Check all setting


    A) In SPRO ---> Enterprise Structure ---> Assignment -

    > Material Management ---> Assign Std. Purchase Org. to your Plant...


    B) In Material Master -

    > Purchasing View -

    > Pl. Check. Automatic PO check Box and Maintain Purchasing Group....


    C) Create your Vendor for your Company Code and Std. Pur. Org. combination and in that Vendor Master -> Purchasing Data View--- > Pl. Check Auto. PO Check Box...


    D)For your Vendor -Material Master - Plant -Std. Pur. Org combination Maintain valid Info record...


    E)In OLMB ---> Goods Receipt -

    > Automatic Creation of PO ---> for the M.Type:101 pl. check Auto PO check Box


    6) In OLMB ---> Movement types ---> Copy,Delete, Check M.Types ---> Choose the M.Type:101 and go into Details -

    > Then go to allowed Fields for M.Types for M.Type:101 ---> there for the M.Type:101 make the field LIFNR as a Mandatory field...





    Biju K

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    lakshmi C K reddy
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    adding to earlier reply,


    define default values for document type,


    it should be independent of MB01 T-code,


    check the path: MM-Purchasing-Define default values for document type



    lakshmi reddy

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    rahul tyagi
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    you can not make use of the AO po functionality with movement type 101 because 101 is used in case you already have an PO and gr is posted agianst it


    you can use this functionality agaist moevment type 501 but not 101 and its mentioned in SAP study material and there is no logic of activating the AO PO creation for movement type 101