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Duty paid customs warehouse stock

Aaron Scholl
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Can someone explain what duty paid customs warehouse stock is?  Is this a concept unique to GTS?

In the "real world" once the duty is paid, the stock is no longer relevant to the customs warehouse. 


GTS is often making errors in designating duty unpaid stock as duty paid customs warehouse stock. What's the best way to address this?

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    Ralf Vath
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    for GTS the only relevant information for inventory/warehouse management is the customs status of the goods,

    what means DUTY PAID or DUTY UNPAID.


    DUTY PAID menas, you have already declared the goods for free circulation and customs has not longer any interst in this godds.


    For DUTY UNPAID means, that these goods are under customs control, and import duties, and  taxaes have not been paid for these goods. This is typically for godds in a customs warehouse,e.g. type D in Europe the case.


    You can also store duty unpaid and duty paid goods in one warehouse, but you need to know how many goods are in which status - and this information is hold by GTS.


    hope that helps,