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Copy Results into Batch Classification

Pavanakumar Kulkarni
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I want to copy results recordings to batch classification.


Kindly explain how this can be done.


I had tried this by referring other posts in SDN but I am unable to get the results. Please explain.




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    Neh K
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    These are the basic step to transfer result to batch:


    SPRO setting

    Go to QCC0->Quality inspection->Inspection lot completion-->transfer inspection decision to batch


    Master Data

    1. Create a characteristic of type Num or Char and assign the selected set to the characteristic. (Go to values tab in characteristic and click on other values option and choose selected set).

    2. Assign the same characteristic in MIC.

    3. Create a batch class and assign the same characteristic, and assign the batch class in the material master.

    4.Carry out the std QM cycle


    Check and let us know.



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      Pavanakumar Kulkarni
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      Dear Nehal,


      Thanks for your reply.


      I have followed the steps as given by you.


      But I had two problems here.


      1: During defining characteristics, system is not selecting all selected sets defined, this is limited only to characteristic attribute  


      2: batch characteristic are not copied automatically, but system  pop ups a window during UD where again characteristic values need to maintained manually.


      Please tell if I am missing something.


      Thanks and Regards,


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    Sujit Gujar
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    Check whether Indicator 'Batch Valuation without Material Spec' in SPRO->QM->Basic Settings->Maintain Settings at Plant Level->Inspection Lot Completion is set



    Steps Followed,


    u2022 Creation of class Characteristic (CT04)

    u2022 Creation of Batch Class (CL01)

    u2022 Assignment of above created classed characteristic to the Batch Class at the time of class creation. (CL01)

    u2022 Assignment of batch class to material master in classification view. (MM01)

    u2022 Creation of MIC with reference to above created Class characteristic (QS21)

    u2022 Creation of inspection plan with above MIC (QP01)

    u2022 Creation of new batch (external numbering) for the material (MSC1N)

    u2022 Creation of manual lot for 89 lot origin (QA01)

    u2022 Result recording and usage decision (QA32)



    Re: QM_Class Characteristic

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    Leon Shen
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    Normally the batch-classification from QM should work, if the following

    preconditions are fullfilled :

    1. a class char. is created with CT04. This class char. must have the

       following definition

       a) type NUM

       b) type CHAR and a selected set assigned in the tabstrip 'value'   >

          other value check   > catalog char.

    2. this class char. has to be linked to a master inspection char. (QS21)

    3. This master inspection char. has to be included in an inspection

       plan (if you do an inspection with plan) or in a mterial

       specification (if you do an inspection with material spec.)

    4. The class char. has to be assigned to a class of class-type 022 or


    5. This class has to be assigned to the material master

    6. The indicator 'batch valuation without mat. spec.' should be set

       in the customizing-view V_TQSS1 (plant-dependent QM-settings)

    7. An inspection lot has to be created

    8. Results have to be recorded and closed (status of the char. has to

       be '5' !!).

    9. If you work with inspection points, the batch classification should

       be carried out, when the results recording is saved (according to

       the link, defined in step 2)

    10. If you do not work with inspection point, the batch-classification

        should be carried out, when the usage-decision is done and the

        stock-posting is done (if lot is stock-relevant).