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Common SSO issues with Salesforce.com

Aaron Graber
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If you're using BI OnDemand (BIOD) or crystalreports.com (CRDC) in Salesforce.com, you may run into some SSO issues if you don't have salesforce.com configured correctly. 


Here are some configurations that you can troubleshoot:


1.  If the Salesforce.com email address doesn't match the BIOD/CRDC email address, the SSO won't work.  Make sure the SFDC email address and BIOD/CRDC email match.  Most think the SFDC username is the same as the SFDC email address, but that's not the case. 


2.  Add the IP address ranges of BIOD/CRDC to SFDC.  Otherwise, the BIOD/CRDC reports won't be able to refresh or be scheduled against SFDC.  The IP addresses we use today from BIOD/CRDC are:

3.  If you enable the "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" setting in SFDC under Setup, Security Controls, Session Settings, the SSO won't work between SFDC and BIOD/CRDC.  Make sure this is unchecked.


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    Keith Fisher
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    what version of Salesforce do you need to have in order to be able to create datasets in BI on Demand from Salesforce?


    I have successfully added BI On Demand as a web tab in Salesforce, but am experiencing errors with it.


    First when I open the BI on Demand tab it give me an error saying it cannot logon to BOD but then i can click on the Dashboard and Reports & Data buttons and it shows my stuff and a 'Hello Keith' message.


    When I try to add a new dataset from Salesforce data though it asks me to logon to Salesforce but then errors saying I cannot logon. I have added the IP addresses to the security settings in SF, my username in SF is the same as the email address I logon to BOD with, and i have tried refreshing my security token and adding it to my password, all to no avail.


    We have the Group edition of Salesforce with std Salesforce licences which according to the SF help should enable us to use appexchange products like this.