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InfoCube 0TCT_C02 - Status Stays Yellow

Jose Garcia
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I am having an issue when loading data into InfoCube 0TCT_C02.  This issue occurs in all systems in our landscape (dev, QA, Prod).  When data is loaded into the InfoCube (using business content extractor 0TCT_DS02 with 3.x method), the requests go green when you look in RSMO.  But when you look at the Request tab in the InfoCube Manage, it stays yellow.  Therefore, reporting is not possible on the InfoCube. 


I do not see a setting an error to indicate why the status remains yellow.  It is only happening on this InfoCube.  I know on DSO's there is a setting to manually turn QM status green, but there is no option for this on an InfoCube.  Any ideas why this would happen?


Thanks for your insight.




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    Jose Garcia
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    I found the answer to my own question and am posting it in case someone else has the same issue:


    In the InfoCube maintenance, there is an option to set the request status automatically to Green.  The setting was not active on my InfoCube, that is why it stayed yellow.  The option should be set by default, but in this case, I guess the delivered SAP InfoCube was not set.


    Here is where you find it:


    RSA1 InfoCube Maintenance

    Double click on the InfoCube

    Path Environment --> InfoProvider Properties --> Change

    On the Roll Up Tab, select the checkbox "Set Quality Status to 'OK' Automatically"


    This setting is easier to find on DSO's and somewhat buried for InfoCubes. 


    Hope this helps.