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SRM-ERP Integration

Arpit Deshmukh
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Hi Expert,


.We have integrated SRM 7.0  & ERP 6.0 EHP4.


Now what SRM specific role we need to give to user in ERP. ( ECC 6.0 )


When we create user in ECC 6.0 which standard SRM specific  roles are available in ECC 6.0 .


We also done SRM & BI integration & SRM specific roles are th




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    muthuraman govindasamy
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    SRM is a role base application.


    there are departments like REQUESTER , BUYER and Accounting clerk.


    upon the business role , the user will be decided what role exactly required to perform in the SRM .



    The following sections describe the PFCG roles available for SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 (SAP SRM 7.0).
    Roles for SAP SRM
     Technical Name
    SAP SRM: Invoice Verification Clerk
    SAP SRM: Administrator
    SAP SRM: User Administrator
    SAP SRM: Bidder
    SAP SRM: Employee
    SAP SRM: Manager
    SAP SRM: Operational Purchaser
    SAP SRM: Component Planner
    SAP SRM: Internal Dispatcher
    SAP SRM: Purchasing Assistant
    SAP SRM: Strategic Purchaser
    SAP SRM: Supplier
    SAP SRM: Survey Owner
    SAP SRM: Survey Reviewer
    Authorization for accessing SRM Enterprise Services
    Portal Content for SAP SRM Core 
    In this area, you can find information about the SAP NetWeaver Portal content (roles and their corresponding worksets and iViews) that is available for SAP Supplier Relationship (SAP SRM) Core. The roles are listed below:
     Technical Name
    RFx Respondent (also referred to as Bidder)
    Component Planner
    Employee Self-Service
    Goods Recipient
    Operational Purchaser
    Purchasing Assistant
    SRM Administrator
    Strategic Purchaser
    Supplier Survey Cockpit
    Supplier Survey Cockpit


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      Arpit Deshmukh
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      Hi Muthuraman ,


      Thanks for the reply. But Roles  you have mentioned here are available in SRM 7.0 & Portal after importing business packages. Those roles are not available in ECC 6.0 EHP4.


      But if I create one user having business role BIDDER  in ECC 6.0 EHP4  then which std. role I need to assign to the user.  At this stage ,we are in realization  phase so I have to give std roles to functional team.


      SRM,BI are ok but not sure about roles in ECC 6.0




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        Sandip Saha
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        User (bidder) in ECC have the same user-ID in SRM, but the roles & user maintenance are different in these two instances.

        So you can give your core team in ECC, access to T-Code likewise ME41, ME47, ME49 etc & provide the authorisation to bbp_bid_inv etc in SRM.


        As you are into realisation phase would suggest that use standard roles only for your functional team.



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          Arpit Deshmukh
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          HI Sandeep,



          Std. Role is the problem here. I am not able to find out what std. roles SAP provide  in ECC 6.0 from SRM perspective.




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            Jay Yang
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            I am not able to find out what std. roles SAP provide in ECC 6.0 from SRM perspective.

            If you are integrating SRM with ECC, I am sure your ECC users, based on their functional areas, already have roles that they are assigned to perform their daily tasks, e.g. transactions ME41, ME42, ME43, ME45 are assigned to something like "strategic procurement role". They don't have to be changed. When you are using Portal for SRM 7, you can choose those portal roles for "Suite", such as "Operational Purchaser (ERP)", "Operational Purchaser (ERP/SRM)".