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Posting proof of delivery using function module or methods

Alan Downing
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during an automatic process I need to post a proof of delivery.

So far I know about transaction VLPOD to post a PoD manually. Also I have found functions starting with LE_POD, that seem to be used during transaction VLPOD, but seem rather awkward to use. LE_POD_DATA_PROCESSING can't be used as it does a CALL SCREEN at times.

BAPI's don't (seem to) exist either.


Unless necessary I would not want to do a batch input/call transaction.


Are there any other function modules that may be used to post a proof of delivery?


Otherwise an example of using above mentioned functions 'LE_POD' may be helpful.


searched for: 'proof of delivery', 'function proof of delivery' = nothing noteworthy

System data:

release: 4.7