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GL Account and Commitment Items Integration

Ekemini Inyang
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Hi Consultants,


Please explain the GL account and commitment items relationship.  I know i can assign a commitment item to N number of GL accounts.


But can i assign many commitment items to one GL account?


Thank you.



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    Mar Novalbos
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    You can assign one Commitment item to each GL account in GL Acct. Master data

    But if you need to use different commitment items in combination with the same GL account, then you should take other accounting objects into accout and define your FMDERIVE rules accordingly (for instance, same GL account but different Funds Centers...):


    GL account     Funds Center   ===> Commitment item

    100000             AA                           CIAA

    100000             BB                           CIBB

    100000             CC                           CICC





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    Will Sutton
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    Normally we have a one to one relationship between GL and CI (assignment) but we have instances where the commitment item should be statistical so that budget is not affected. The scenario usually takes place when dealing with asset accounting. When posting depreciation entries, we use the fmderive derivation rule that Mar mentioned to point to a different commitment item that is statistical.

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      Wanwimol Thawornchak
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      Dear FM Expert,


      I 'm new in the forum. I have some problem related to fmderive too. I have to do as your scenario that is to derive stat committment item to depreciation expense account. I use fmderive with user exit EXIT_SAPLFMDT_001 and include ZXFMDTU01


      Coding to check AFAB tcode to derive the committment item. It's not work


      if sy-tcode+0(4) = 'AFAB'.

          if I_FMDERIVE_SOURCE-account_number = 'xxx'.

            e_fmderive_target-commit_item = 'xxx'.






      When I set trace , It seems work when test run for AFAB but when I do production run that need run in background. It does not work. Is there anything wrong with my code or Does fmderive work with Background job


      Is there any suggesttion , please  ?


      Thank you very much,


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        Will Sutton
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        It seems as if you are using a user exit "instead" of FMDERIVE rules. As I understand it, they are two different things. We do not use user exits to derive committment items. We use FMDERIVE rules (transaction FMDERIVE). In the derivation rules, we have a derivation rule created just for depreciation which defines the source field (GL Account#) and the target field (Committment item). The conditions of the rule is that the business transaction = 'RFBU' and the main asset number = '*'. Then in the rule values, we enter the GL account number and the Committment Item that is to be derived when depreciation is ran.