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Test cases in Solution manager

Sandeep Kakanuru
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I have uploaded two test case documents under 'Test case' tab for a Business Process in the transaction solar02.


But those two test documents does not appear in STWB_WORK for that Business Scenario.


Any advices?

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    Seet Ho Li
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    Perhaps this might be of interest to you, if it happens that inconsistency is affecting the availability of your test documents


    You can use the program as it does not do any harm to

    your projects (it does not delete anything, it add only some entries

    to a table, if at any circumstances they are missing)


    The use of the program is quite simple.

    Start transaction SE38 and enter the program GHE_CHECK_TTREEI_ENTRIES

    and hit execute (F8).


    In the next screen enter the project you would like to check using the


    There is also a field TEST. When you enter here 'X' then no modification

    will be done, but only the check whether there are entries missing

    is performed.

    If the program finds any missing entries, simply re-run the program

    without the 'X' at field TEST and the program corrects the inconsistency


    Hope this helps.




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    Fabricius Zatti
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    The transaction STWB_WORK shows the testpackes assigned to the user that loged in the system. To make the testcases availables for the user, go to transaction STWB_2, generate the testplan, create a package and assign the testcases to the package, then later assigne the user to the testpackage and it'll be available in STWB_WORK.


    kind regards,


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    Miriam Römer
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    If you have already created you testplan and tespackages before you actually added these documents, you might have to go back to your testplan in stwb_2 and check the boxes where the testdocuments are an re generate the testplan.

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    Federico Montanana
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    If you checkd the flag "only released documents" while creating the test plan, verify that the test documents have the status "released"