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UTF-8 to ANSI format conversion

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Hi Experts,


I got one requirement for FIle_To_File scenario the source file is in UTF-8 format they required the target file in the fromat ANSI so please can any one help me out. No mapping. I need ur help at the time of configuration only.




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    Tarang Shah
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    specify encoding in the receiver file adapter.


    u need t specify a code page...default is UTF-8 in which XI operates. other than this u can use following




    Seven-bit ASCII, also known as ISO646-US, or Basic Latin block of the Unicode character set


    ■ ISO-8859-1


    ISO character set for Western European languages (Latin Alphabet No. 1), also known as ISO-LATIN-1


    ■ UTF-8


    8-bit Unicode character format


    ■ UTF-16BE


    16-bit Unicode character format, big-endian byte order


    ■ UTF-16LE


    16-bit Unicode character format, little-endian byte order


    ■ UTF-16


    16-bit Unicode character format, byte order