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RF guns to SAP integration

Kiran C V
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Hi All,

    We have a requirement where we have RF guns for warehouse picking. Our SAP landscape includes ECC6 and SAP PI 7. I undersatnd we have to use telnet software to integrate RF guns with SAP Console for communication. I wanted to check if i can get any guide to do so. we have got telnet software from Georgia softworks. Please reply back on this.



Thanks in advance

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    Jason Kenzie
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    If your guns already have GSW Telnet clients on them, it sounds like your company has taken the decision to go with a character-based transaction display and the standard SAP LMxx transactions for WM mobile data entry.  You're off to a good start.


    There are other SAP certified products and architectures for this functionality, like Syclo SMART Inventory Manager (if you need offline/store-and-forward capabilities).  However, the tried and true SAPConsole Telnet architecture is fully supported by SAP and rock-solid assuming proper server installation and reliable wireless coverage for your devices in the warehouse.  I have worked on several successful implementations using it.


    I must stress the point once more - please make sure that you have coordinated with both your Basis team for connectivity from the SAPConsole server to ECC and also your network team to ensure wireless coverage in the areas where the guns will be used.  The only failure points in my experience were connection issues traced back to these two teams.  End users will perceive a project as a failure if they experience frequent connection problems and decide using the guns is less efficient than walking back and forth to a PC to enter transactions!


    If you Google "SAPConsole Installation", one of the links that is returned is:


    Link: [http://help.sap.com/SAPHELP_NW04S/helpdata/en/47/3918dacbd0200ee10000000a1553f7/content.htm]


    This should get you off to a good start.  Install Console on a server that will connect to ECC.  Its purpose will be the connection point from the gun back to ECC - converting the function keys on the RF screens into SAP commands, and conversely to translate the graphical SAPGUI into character-based displays on the guns.


    You set up profiles in SAPConsole that "point" to a specific SAP system/client.  In this manner you can toggle where your guns will connect to for testing, QA or productive use. 


    It might be good to have two SAPConsole servers - one dedicated to PRD use once you go-live, and another that you can toggle connection between DEV and QAS ECC systems for testing on any corrections or future enhancements.  With only one server you may be forced to schedule your switching of backend system connection away from PRD only during quiet times in the warehouse.


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    kumar nan
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    Hi Jason,


    we are using the GUI based Guns, Telnet and Sap console for RF gunsin warehous, i am working on the solution for SAP COnsoleto support the store/forward functionality in case of offline.


    Can youlet me know the process if you have any idea on this