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Set default screen parameters in PCH report

riya riya
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Hi.. I have a requirement where i have developed a custom hr report using PCH LDB. The Reporting period on the selection screen defaults to All but i want to default it to Today.


Please help.




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    Rajesh Paruchuru
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    Please check if this helps


    REPORT  zytest.
    TABLES objec.
      CLEAR pchztr_a.
      pchztr_d = 'X'


    Ensure that the above logic is only triggered for the first time OR I recommend to go wth the solution proposed

    by Keshav. You can set the value of PCHTIMED in the INITIALIZATION event itself.




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    Kesavadas Thekkillath
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    The radio button selection is determined in include DBPCHF00 subroutine pbo


    IF pchtimed NE space.   
    CASE pchtimed.
      WHEN 'D'.
        pchztr_d = 'X'.
      WHEN 'M'.
        pchztr_m = 'X'.
      WHEN 'Y'.
        pchztr_y = 'X'.
      WHEN 'P'.
        pchztr_p = 'X'.
      WHEN 'F'.
        pchztr_f = 'X'.
       pchztr_a = 'X'. 


    So as Rajesh said you have to mark the corresponding variable as X or pchtimed = 'D'.