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Error while calculating the net present value

Praveen B
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Dear experts,


Please help me in solving the following error.


I am trying to do project vaibility analysis through pre investment analysis in appropriation request, interm I'm trying to calculate the IRR for the project.


I have created the appropriation request and given all the data in that including the planed values for the project.


In Variants tab of appropriation request, preinv. analysis sub tab, i have clicked the button Calculate preinvestment analysis figures , ( I hvae not mentioned any values in that screen, its picking the plan cost from the planed values of the appropriation request) there I'm getting an error saying


Error while calculating the net present value



If I open the message it is as follows:


Error while calculating the net present value*
*Message no. AO215*
An error occurred during calculation of the net present value.
The yield curve for determining the net present value is not completely maintained. Possible causes are:
1. Evaluation type IM01 does not exist (table ATSYC).
2. Yield curve types 9990 (bid) and 9991 (ask) have not been created (table JBD14) for the currency of the controlling area of the appropriation request.
3. Reference interest rates have not been created for the yield curves (tables T056R and JBD15).
4. Interest rates are not maintained for the complete planning time period for the reference interest rates.
5. Under certain circumstances, the standard exchange rate types 'G' and 'B' may be inconsistent.
Check your Customizing settings:
1. SAP supplies the evaluation types.
Remember, SAP supplies the evaluation types in client 000. You have to copy them into your working clients. If you do not have them in your system, you can create them in Customizing for the Treasury component (Treasury Management -> Market Risk Management -> Evaluations -> Define Default Settings). Create evaluation type IM01 with bid yield curve type 9990 and ask yield curve type 9991.
2. In Customizing for appropriation requests (under Planning), create a bid yield curve type 9990 and an ask yield curve type for the currency of the controlling area of the appropriation request.
3. Create at least one reference interest rate for each yield curve.
4. Maintain the reference rates, starting at the minimum fron the point at which you you have planned costs or revenue.
5. Check Customizing of the exchange rate types 'G' and 'B' in the IMG under Global Settings -> Currencies.



I have checked all the procedures of the said customization and the values are similar to that of the error message, but still I'm unable to proceed further.


I have goe through the note 160375, but did not succeed on this issue.


Can any one help me out in solving the above error and also can any one explain me the process in SAP to calculate IRR?


Is there any more customization missing or whats wrong going in that process?


Please help me out...


Thanks in advance..