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Hi Gurus,


Why don't we've SETUP TABLE concept in other extractors except LO-COCKPIT.I've asked so many people but can't get the appropriate answer.

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    Setup Tables are cluster tables. They are used to extract the data from R/3 Tables.(LO Extractors)


    Basically, for entire application like SD , Billing we have got it's own setup Tables...so while filling the set-up tables, we usually fill for the entire application.


    Ex: OLI7BW, is for filling setup Tables for SD application. and OLI9BW T-code is for Billing Application,


    When u fill the setup Tables, the data from different tables..VBAK, VBAP, VBRK, VBRP...etc will come through communication Structures and saved in SetupTables...


    The main advantage of having setup Tables (These are like Cluster Tables ), we can read the data in different levels..Header level as well as Item level.


    when we run init load or Full load in BW, the data will be read from Setup Tables for the first time( Entire data will be read).... and the delta records will be updated to Delta Queue once the v3 jb runs... and we can extract the delta records from Delta Queue.


    once we succefully run the init, we can delete setup Tables also... no probs...


    Filling up the set up tables depends on the datasource.

    there are different T-codes for the respective extract structures


    OLIIBW transaction PM data

    OLI1BW INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts

    OLI2BW INVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. Stocks

    OLI3BW Reorg.PURCHIS BW Extract Structures

    OLI4BW Reorg. PPIS Extract Structures

    OLI7BW Reorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: Order

    OLI8BW Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Delivery

    OLI9BW Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Invoices

    OLIABW Setup: BW agency business

    OLIFBW Reorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. Structs

    OLIIBW Reorg. of PM Info System for BW

    OLIQBW QM Infosystem Reorganization for BW

    OLISBW Reorg. of CS Info System for BW

    OLIZBW INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification

    OLI7BW is the tcode for Sales Order.


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    Display Setup Table Data:-


    Goto SE11 or SE16 -> MC*SETUP -> F4 you will get all the setup tables choose and display the data


    To check completion of dta loading

    NPRT t-code... Where u can see the entry with ur user and the Run of ur setup..




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    this forum is related to the SAP BusinessObjects BI Solution Architecture. I would suggest you post your question to the forum for the BW extraction.