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error transport condition table with SCC1

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I have an error message when i transport my request of new condition table from client 100 to 200 with SCC1.

The error message is :

Program ended with error or warning, return code: 4

Message no. TA146


Log Message in SCC3


Target Client           200

Source Client          100

Copy Type               Copy by Transport Request

Transport Request       DRTK900766


Status                  Completed w. Dictionary Errors

Statistics for this Run

- No. of Tables                 0 of        14

- Lines in Old Objects          0

- Lines in New Objects          0


Warnings and Errors

Table           Component  Package


T681            SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T681E          SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T681S         SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T681T         SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T682           SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T682I          SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T682T         SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

T682Z        SD-MD-CM   Table Cross-Client

TMC1         LO-LIS-DC  Table Cross-Client

TMC1D        LO-LIS-DC  Table Cross-Client

TMC1K        LO-LIS-DC  Table Cross-Client

TMC1T        LO-LIS-DC  Table Cross-Client

TMC73        LO-LIS-REP Table Cross-Client

TMC74        LO-LIS-REP Table Cross-Client


But i have checked all table above, my new condition table have been added on it. when i transport again, error message is same. Any solution of this ?