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Need someone help in SAPMV45A_CHECK_VBAP

vinci fong
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Dear all,


I have confront following problem in SO items quantity checking :


When I process the checking in SO items , I need to know the whole item list which have already been inputed by user.

But in USER-EXIT SAPMV45A_CHECK_VBAP, I can not found the table that contained the whole content which be saw

in screen. And I also can not use the SAPMV45A_SAVE_PREPARE, for I am using the BAPI to simulate the process of

creating SO and catch some error.


So, the USER-EXIT SAPMV45A_CHECK_VBAP is the one what I can only use in the BAPI checking.

Have someone got any idea?





0010    material A    100 PC

0020    material B     200 PC


When I begin to chek material A , I need to know the material B quantity too, for material B is the alternative material of A,

if the control quota is 299 PC. The program should not let the material A with 100 PC or material B wiht 200 PC pass the checking. As  material A + material B = 300 PC > 299 PC (control quota)