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Accounting entries in Consignment

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Hi ,


Need clarifications on the following:


1>How to do MRKO?

2>What are the accounting entries happen in MRKO transaction?Is it KONS(Dr) and KONS(Cr)?If so why?

3>Which price it takes a)Inforecord b)material master??



Need your help!!!!

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    Kindly help on the issues as mentioned in the thread

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    PSA Ramakrishna Reddy
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    Consignment process  and accounting entries :


    1. We need to maintian the consignment Info record with relevant Tax code.


    2. At PO level, when we give item category as K, Net rpice will be greyed out. Info record price will be taken into consideration during MRKO.


    3. At goods receipt : MIGO

    Material document is created and no accounting document since stock is not valuated stock of the plant.


    4. Consuption posting


    We need to post goods issue from Vendor Consignment stock based on our consuption. This issue will create a liablility(accounting) document towards vendor.


    Payable consignment A/c

    Consuption a/c


    5. Transaction MRKO


    Liability document created in Step4  will be settled using MRKO. We need to select  settle radio button in MRKO input selection paramter screen to settle the liabilities.(invoice will be created in background and document number will be displayed)


    Accountign entries will be normal as MIRO



    Payable consuption a/c


    KONS is the output type configuration required for printing/transmitting the invoice created in MRKO.


    warm regards


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    Erika Szanto
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    Before you can order a material from a vendor or post a goods receipt to consignment stock, you must maintain the consignment price for the vendor in an info record. The price is required for material valuation and accounting purposes.


    If you order consignment material from several vendors, the system maintains the consignment stock separately for each vendor, since the individual quantities of the material can have different prices with each vendor.


    Please check the information from the SAP Library documentation (http://help.sap.                       

    com) under the path:                                                                               

    Logistics -> Materials Management (MM)                                                      

       -> Logistics Invoice Verification (MM-IV)                                                 

         -> Logistics Invoice Verification (MM-IV-LIV)                                           

           -> Automatic Settlements                                                              

             -> Consignment and Pipeline Settlement


    Consignment and pipeline settlement is not connected to the purchasing information system, because the purchase order history is not updated during consignment settlements.


    You cannot make any net postings during consignment settlement. This means that you cannot calculate any cash discounts. To take cash discounts into account, you must include these in the consignment price. This ensures that the cash discount is implicitly posted during the goods withdrawal and settlement.


    You cannot settle delivery costs.


    Best regards