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The use of some values in Sub total column  of pricing procedure.

Sadanandam Kasarla
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Hi Friends,


Can any one explain the exact use of the following values from drop down (F4) list of sub total column of pricing procedure V/08.













Any reply would be highly regarded.


Thanks in advance,


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    Balaji Timmampalli Achari
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    1 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI1

    2 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI2

    3 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI3

    4 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI4

    5 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI5

    6 Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI6


    --> This will carry over value to EKPO Table in above fields, so thant if you want to use these values in any Report then you can use directly instead of going fo lenghty calculation.


    7 Carry over value to KOMP_BONBA (rebate basis 1)

    8 Copy values according to KOMP-PREVA (preference value)

    9 Copy values to KOMP-BRTWR (gross value)

    A Carry over price to KOMP-CMPRE (credit price)

    B Carry over value to KOMP-WAVWR (cost)

    C Carry over value to KOMP-GKWRT (statistical value)


    --> These are udeful for calculation purpose. For e.g. KOMP_BONBA is used for Rebate calculation, many of the above are useful for SD also fo e.g. KOMP-CMPRE and KOMP-WAVWR


    D Copy value to XWORKD

    E Copy value to XWORKE

    F Copy value to XWORKF

    G Copy value to XWORKG

    H Copy value to XWORKH

    I Copy value to XWORKI

    J Copy value to XWORKJ

    K Copy price to XWORKK

    L Copy price to XWORKL

    M Copy price to XWORKM


    --> These are all useful in Requirements, Alternative calculation type and Alternative condition base value (i.e. Routines) for e.g. AltCty 12 i.e. XWORKD - XWORKE (if you assign XWORKD to a condiotn type 1 and XWORKE to another condition type 2 then you can get a subtotal as cond. type1 - cond. type2 )