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how to pass queryid to powl component

Tiberiu Sasu
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how does component configuration parameter "Query ID" gets populated for configuration id=HAP_START_PG_POW_MSS_CC1 of component POWL_UI_COMP? do I have to do this manually? or is populated dynamically?


note: I am trying to use the standard application  HAP_START_PAGE_POWL_UI_MSS display the appraisal documents, and no documents are displayed.  i am suspecting that there is no value passed in the parameter Query Id..




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    Chris Paine
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    Hi Tiberiu,


    The application id is passed to the POWL - OSA-POWL-MSS


    as per the method POWL_CALL in the MSS view.


    From the application id the POWL works out which queries should be used - look at the IMG configuration for POWL


    Cross-Application Components --> General Application Functions --> Generic SAP Business Suite Functions --> Personal Object Worklist --> Define Query Visibility at Role Level


    here you can see the standard query ids that are used.


    It is unlikely that it is the lack of a query id that is causing no performance documents to be returned - instead have a look at the feeder class in the debugger - it should become pretty obvious very quickly why nothing is coming back.


    Hope this is helpful,



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      Tiberiu Sasu
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      hi Chris, thanks for answering my question.


      just so I understand, where can I find the method call POWL_CALL? is POWL_CALL called in the iView?


      I checked the iView (Generic Performance Management) in PCD but I could not find method POWL_CALL being called. The iView is an ABAP Web Dynpro iView, so it merely loads the ABAP application.


      if you can kindly explain how the app id is passed to the component POWL that would be highly appreciated.