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What table are event details stored apart from SWEQUEUE

Vikram Chauhan
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SWEQUEUE contains the event details for the events that have not been successfully sent outside, or completed.


Is there any table where the successful event details are saved, as we need to identify daily which event IDs were successful and which were not. Using SWEQADM is not suitable as there are admin access issues which cannot be worked around.



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    Steffen Georg Butschbacher
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    this sounds like a SAP Worflow related questions. This forum is about Supply Chain Event Management.

    You should better ask it in Forum: SAP Business Workflow.


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    Chithaanantham Janakiraman
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    Hi ,


    Please Check  tables : BALHDR and BALDAT.

    Hope this helps you  to find the details of application logs .


    Also in SCM event  management  Please check  the table  "SAPTRX/EVM_HDR "   and also  check the list of other tables for event messages under the following archiving object  "/SAPTRX/A1 "


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    James Johnson
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    Logging for delivered events is a configurable parameter within transaction SWEQADM, it's a checkbox on the 'Activation' tab with name 'Delete event after delivery' - if it's not checked, your events will be stored after delivery.  If people are having trouble accessing the transaction for whatever reason, you can check the value of the event deletion checkbox in table 'SWEQADM', field 'DEL_EVENT.'


    For information, if your delivered events are being stored, you'll also be able to see them in the 'SWEQUEUE' table - a delivered event will have the field 'DELIVERED' equal to 'X.'


    It's also worth noting that you may have more granular information on event delivery available if the event trace is switched on (transaction 'SWELS').  Event trace information (viewable in transaction 'SWEL') will advise you of when the event was delivered, who caused the event to be delivered, the event key, and whether any workflows resulted from the delivery of the event.  In addition, if there's any check function modules activated for the event, then it'll tell you whether it made it through the check FM, and also whether any other general event delivery errors occured.  It'll also tell you about events that haven't yet being delivered.


    SAP advise not turn it on in production however (only in development and test systems), due to a detriment in performance, so you might find that it's not turned on in production.  Still, that said, I find it an incredibly powerful tool for a quick turnaround on workflow issue resolution - you can turn it on for new environments, and then turn it off when the system becomes stable.