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Error: 536 Error in File <report filename> Unable to connect: incorrect log

jose alsina
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I am getting the above error on a client's machine when executing the following code


for i := 0 to crpe.Subreports.Count - 1 do  

  for j:=0 to crpe.Subreports<i>.Tables.Count - 1 do  

    crpe.Subreports<i>.Tables[j].Path := path;  


crpe.Subreports[0];   {This line points the VCL back to the main Report}  


for i := 0 to crpe.Tables.Count - 1 do  

  crpe.Tables<i>.Path := path;  

The path and the tables exist. The above code also fails when connecting to a report with no subreports.


I cannot see why it is given me incorrect log on parameters as they are just Paradox tables. On other machines it works just fine.

I am distributing Crystal Reports 2008 SP3 runtime. I am using Delphi 2007 to run the reports.


Any ideas?