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Acknowledgement from receiver file Adapter with out BPM

Kevin Joseph
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Hi Gurus,


I am trying to get Acknowledgement from Receiver file Adapter with out Using BPM.


Here is the scenario. I am sending files from different Sender Adapters. There is only one target that is File Adapter. After each successfull and failure transaction I need an Acknowledgement that needs to trigger another receiver adapter and send the the file name and timestamp to that file.


Hope this is a complicated scenario. Please help me.




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    Shabarish Vijayakumar
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    from sap note 821267



    6. Acknowledgements
        * Q: Does the File Adapter support acknowledgements?
        * A: You need to distinguish system acknowledgements (indicating that a message has been received by the target system) and application acknowledgements (indicating that the message has been successfully processed by the application on the receiver side).
               The receiver of an XI message will only send an acknowledgement back to the sender if the sender has requested one. However, the File Adapter has no functionality that relies on the receipt of an acknowledgement, so it never requests one.
               On the other hand, if a File Adapter Receiver receives a request to send an acknowledgement, it will do so for a system acknowledgement request. Application acknowledgements are not supported at all as the File Receiver has no way to determine if the written file has been correctly processed by the back-end application, which is what a positive application acknowledgement would imply.



    this means that your requirement is ideally not possible without a BPM