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update Table S024  got failed

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Hello All,


we are using sap 4.7 , While doing confirmation using transaction C011N , data's got updated correctly, but system showing below error, any OSS is there to resolve the issue and any other solution. .


SM21 logs shows following error for that particular user

Database error 1438 at UPD access to table S024

ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allows for this column

Run-time error "DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR" occurred

Update terminated

Update key: 3EC87E7134594F85AA7FDC3A699BDA84

This error is coming for only a prod_pl1 user .


Runtime Error








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    veerabathiran suresh
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    You can try with the SAP note 623564 & 64636.


    Thanks & Regards,

    V. Suresh

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    Tania Moreno
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    Hi, Sathx


    We have the same problem, but we are using ECC 6.0 SPS17

    We see that the problem is that system intent to update fields Z_TAB, ZA_TAB & R_TAB with values larger than permited (overflow).

    But, have no solve the issue yet.


    I have read notes suggested for your case, but they don't apply to us..


    If you resolve your problem, could you share solution??




    Tania Moreno

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      Kaleem Baig
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      We are facing the same  Problem in our ECC 6 SPS07 System,

      when one of the user confirms Production orders in "CO15"

      user would get an update failure express message once he confirmed a production order.


      There would be ABAP Dumps in the system with Runtime Error "DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR"

      When checked for Update failures in SM13,there would be update warning with one of the function module remaining in "Initial" status.




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    Caetano Almeida
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    Info structure S024 (work center analysis), aggregates the records of the info structure S022 (operation analysis) on work center level. With a max length of 7 characters, if there are a lot of entries with the same key to be aggregated in S024 (plant, work center), system will try to add these together. If this aggregation leads to a number larger than 7, you will get the overflow dump.


    If you do not really require the work center analysis via S024, you can deactivate its updating with transaction OMOD as a short term solution.


    Otherwise, you should verify your configuration and your usual approach of entering the times for orders, as a long term solution here. Perhaps you should use a different unit of measure


    You can then perform a complete setup of S024 (via note: 64636) and check if all is fine. This will reload the data on the infostructure.





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      Carlos Prieto
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      Hello Caetano



      I am having the same problem. in OMOD I have update frequency setup to Monthly. However in the table s024 I see many entries with month = blank for some work centers.


      When SAP updates the table it fails because the quantity overflows.


      I deleted the entries with empty dates and SAP created entries again even the config is setup to create entries by month.


      Do you have any suggestions how to fix this problem?