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string_to_solix: Send Email to SAP Inbox

SS Khan
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I am using cl_bcs based functionality to send email to sap inbox with Excel attachment. Everything is Ok, the only problem is the data which I am getting for some fields got trimmed in excel. e.g in internal table i have '00001' and when I see the data in my generated excel sheet, its just '1'...leading zero's are gone.



            iv_string   = lv_string1
            iv_codepage = '4103'  "suitable for MS Excel, leave empty
            iv_add_bom  = 'X'     "for other doc types
            et_solix  = binary_content
            ev_size   = size ).


I am using above mentioned method for conversion. I am using concatenate statement to move the data to lv_string1 inside a loop.


Could you please suggest the solution.