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Transporting Function Module & Function group

sap BW/BO
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Hello All,


I want some clarification in transporting a FM, FG, Extract Structure.


First I collected Function Group in a Transport Request (R3TRFUGR********) and collected Function Module in the same request and also the extract structure.


This Function Group have only one Function Module and 4 Includes (LRSALK01, LRSAXD01, LZ_BI_DS_DATATOP, LZ_BI_DS_DATAUXX, RSAUMAC).


Do I need to collect these includes separately in the same request or is it enough if i collect only function group and function module and move the request.


Please let me know.


Thank you.

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    Clemens Li
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    Hi Saptrain,


    the best is always to let the system handle it: As soon as you assign an object (function group, function module, include or whatever) to a package, it will ask for a transport. Create the transport and the transport management system will include in the transport what has to be transported.


    As far as I know (but I never have the question), a function group (R3TR FUGR) will transport everything that is in the function group: All functions, all modules, all includes, screens, texts, status and...I think even test cases


    You will find FUGR in the transport after creating the function group.


    If you change something after releasing the transport, it will transport only the changed objects (i.e. includes)





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    Raghava Kattamudi
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    Yes, when you collect a function group. It includes all the objects in the group.


    R3TR FUGR....