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COPA - SD - Rebates accrual & Credit memo

Nick Belov
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We have rebates accrual posting from SD-


Dr. Rebate A/c (PL) 1000 - this would also been in COPA

Cr. Rebate accrual (BS) 1000


Now you settle the rebate(credit memo) - say you decide to settle for 1200


At this point the system will do the following entry (in FI):

Dr. Rebate accrual (BS) 1000 - posted to COPA

Cr. Rebate A/c (PL) 1000

Dr. Rebate A/c (PL) 1200 - Posted to COPA

Cr. Customer A/c 1200


hence the difference of 200 will be posted to COPA.


The issue is that I want to separate reverse of accrual and actual rebate in COPA i.e. to have two COPA line items

first (accruals)    -1000

second(rebate)    1200


instead of current 200


Is it possible?


Thank you in advance.