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Fields and Table for Delivery address in a PO

A. kumar
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Hi Gurus,

I want to find out the fields and the corresponding table for the delivery address in a PO (line item details). It is the address of the plant. I searched the tables ADRNR, ADRN2 and one customized field (/GLB/Ship_to) in the table EKPO, but of no help. I can find out from other tables the address of the plant, but I want to go to a table for PO, where I can have the delivery address/ship to address.


Please help.



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    Arun R
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    For Plant Address, check the table T001W

    If you want complete address details, take the ADRNR field value from T001W and pass it to the field ADDRNUMBER of table ADRC, you will get the details.


    Normally addresses are stored in the table ADRC. If you gave any other Delivery Address in the PO, instead of Plant, get the value of ADRN2 from EKPO and pass it to ADDRNUMBER of ADRC and you will get the address detials.


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    Saurav Sarkar
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    For PO delivery address, just update the Plant or Sloc address in Customising.

    The address is fetched in real time from T001W and T001L. Take ADRNR field from these tables.


    However, if the adress is entered or changed manually, then EKPO-ADRNR is updated with an address number.


    In both cases use ADRNR value in the following tables to get the address: ADRC, ADR6.

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    Raviraj sharma
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    The ADRNR Field in EKPO contains the Address Number , this number should be Passed to ADRC Table to get address details.


    However, the Delivery Address in PO Item , is always by default the Plant Address, and so unless you Change the Address at Item level, the EKPO-ADRNR field will be BLANK .

    It is updated only after the address is changed in the PO Item.