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Erron in Depreciation asset

narayanareddy singa
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Hi All


when i open asset display in AS03 while i am getting below error message and asset balance displaying in negative only in dep. area  51(Group Depreciation parellel currecy) this is settlement asset


Transaction in area 51 contradicts the net book value rule

Message no. AA660



The document cannot be posted, as it is contrary to the net book value rule which is checked in area 51.




This error usually occurs when you enter proportional values. The proportional values exceed the amount posted, for example, post capitalization of 100 but proportional depreciation to the amount 110. Check your entries and correct them if necessary.


Can you please suggest me ASAP






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    Govindarajan Chinthamani
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    I would like to get the following information on the affected asset.


    1) In tcode AS03 - enter the affected asset & company code, then select Environment tab -> change documents -> on asset.


    It will list all the changes made on this asset, let me know if you had made any changes in the recent past ?


    2) Have you migrated to ECC 6.0 from any earlier versions ?


    3) Kindly refer the following OSS Notes related to this error message.









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    kishore Kamarthapu
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    Check the depreciation area 51 settings for posting positive/negative values. If the depreciation area is not maintained for negative values it will not allow you to post negative book values.




    Read SAP Note No. 1025126 and you would know why "AA 660" is

    issues from ECC. Since ECC, there are more strict controls/checks in

    our system. These error messages and strict checks ensure that fixed

    assets are error-free after successful postings. Although the old

    depreciation calculation allows some of the above constellations,

    subsequent postings (in particular retirements) still cause errors in

    the fixed asset.


    Since you have posted "-"ve values onto the asset, you should activate

    the 'Negative values allowed' indicator (ANLB-XNEGA).Note that this chan

    -ge only takes effect for fixed assets that are created after the

    indicator is set. For existing fixed assets, set this indicator in the

    detail screen of the depreciation areas in the asset master (Transaction

    AS02). You may have to adjust the screen layout rule to do so.

    Make this setting in AS02 for relevant individual assets.

    Before you set the 'Negative values allowed' indicator, consider the

    related Note 141656. Since your NBV would not allow "-"ve values, this

    should work for you.


    And the best solution, which I came across is to Allowed Negative Value posting for the Asset (T/code: AS02).

    Path: AS02 (Change: Asset Master) --> Click on Depreciation Areas --> Now select particular Dep. Area and Check Neg. Vals Allowed check box. Now if you try posting, will not receive any error.