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UK - BACS payment method

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Hi Friends,


We are using BACS payment method


UK HSBC bank requires the serial number quoted in position 5 to 10 of the VOL1 (which is then subsequently repeated in the HDR1 and EOF1 fields) must be unique and the system will check the number quoted against all files you submit over a 3 month period.


Serial number quoted in position 5 to 10 of the VOL1, system is generating the number uniquely for the combination of serial number and date. This number is restarting with change of date.


We donu2019t see any provision in the system to cater this requirement in GB_BACS.


Have any one came across this requirement please share your experience



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    Eduardo Hinojosa
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    I'm not sure, but I understand that this number is related with the FI document generated by payment program (F110). You have two possibilities:


    - Generate the number for the file of payment (in DME file, with tcode DMEE with an exit or function module, or with a copy of reports RFFO* for UK, if I'm right it will be RFFOGB_T).

    - Use fields that you are not using (eg: XREF1, XREF2,..) or insert a ZZfield and with a substitution populate it with the algorithm that the bank requires. See Note 20637 - Inserting Fields in Validations and Substitutions and SAP Note 42615 - Substitution in FI for futher information.


    I hope this helps you





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    Pandey Ragha
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    Hello Mate,


    Even I am struggling to get required format asked by HSBC GB.


    1st problem is I am not able to enter payment reference for vendor in in 5th field below UHL1 and

    Not able to take out the END field from output field of DME.


    Any suggestion , do let me know.