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Work centre Tables

Kumar DS
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Hi Experts,


We run MRP with reference to sales order. i got planned order once MRP Run is completed.Now i want to check at which work centre this planned order can be executed.Could you tell us in which table i can this work centre no with reference to Planned order generated by above way.



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    Dogboy 49
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    Not all planned orders have been assigned to a work center when they are created.  A given planned order may end up being assignable to many work centers, depending on your setup.


    If the planned order has been scheduled, you can review the existing work center assignments.  Open the planned order MD13.  Select the Mast Data tab, look for "Group" under detailed scheduling block.  Here you should find the routing that has been assigned.  Look up this routing in CA03.  The routing will contain all the operations; each of which can have a Work center.


    If the planned order has not been scheduled, then you need to consult with your local planning experts as to which determination procedure(s) they are using to assign a task list (which contains the work centers) to a planned order.


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      Ravi Krish
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      You run MRP with leadtime scheduling   and  SAP will create capacity requirements based on the first routing it picksup.  After that you can see the capacity situation  in CM25 and level it  to other work centers  .


      Look for  finite scheduling and capcity levelling in Help.





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    Jiaul Haque
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    Dear ,


    If you want to know the Work Centre information , based on MRP run -MD50 , then either you should goto MD12/MD13 with the planned Order number  or You can also goto MRP result in MD04-Stock and Requirement List -Select the Planned Order refernce to Sales Order -Change Mode -Goto -Master Data Tab or Operation  Overview Symbol  at the top header  where u will find list of operation with corrospending work centre .However ,  you can also goto Master Dtaa tab -Selct the Routing -Docble click -Operation Overview-Here u will find the  operation line item and Work Cnetre witrh other related information .


    Now , this can be changed at Production Order level  while doing detail scheduling based on the Avaulable Capacity in  the work centre level and also you can check the  same in CM05/CM07/CM21/CM31  etc if your CRP  set up in place.MRP does not carry any CRP  execpt Lead Time scheduling based on the selection of schedling indicator in MD50 OR MD02..


    Refer earlier posting ; http://forums.sdn.sap.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1845050


    Other wise you can also check in SE16-Enter SAP Table ; PLAF and check the Work Centre Field.




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    Kumar DS
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