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PR transfer from ECC to SRM using SOA

Neeraj Idnani
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We are facing an issue related to PR transfer from ECC to SRM 7.0 system.

When  we release a PR from ECC which has to be transferred to SRM there is no XML generated on the ECC side (SXMB_MONI).

Kindly note that the BADI ME_REQ_SOURCING_CUST has been implemented and the PI integration scenario configured is SE_Sourcing_Enhancements.Also the event linkages are maintained in the transaciton SWETYPV.


When we checked in SMQ2 (inbound queue) the entry is generated for the PR and also it is executed sucessfully.


Any suggestions

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    Masayuki Sekihara
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    If you see entry in SMQ2 in SRM, you can check XML message ID in SXMB_MONI in SRM. Once you get message ID, please search it in SXMB_MONI in ERP.



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    muthuraman govindasamy
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    Are all Purchase Requests not transfered or only some Purchase request.


    Hope that you aware you search the purchase request via cockpit .


    Are you using CCPR ?


    Note 1270081 - Trouble shooting SOA Services


    1286936 - PI configuration for SRM - additional information

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    muthuraman govindasamy
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    While running Materials Replenishment Planning (MRP) purchase requisitions (PR) will be created in SAP ERP (e.g. after creating a Planned Order in MD10).

    Before SAP SRM 7.0 these requisition got the field EPROFILE assigned which enabled the system to extract the PR document to SAP SRM by using report BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER. As of SAP SRM 7.0 and SAP ERP 6.04 you configured Business Add-In ME_REQ_SOURCING_CUST to trigger SOA message PurchaseRequestERPSourcingRequest_Out.


    After running MRP you notice that no sourcing request SOA message got generated.



    Other terms


    SOA, MRP, Sourcing, external sourcing,


    MD10, MD14, MD04



    Reason and Prerequisites


    Program error.





    Due to complexity it is not possible to provide a SAP core correction. However PP-MRP application provides a BAdI interface that gives the possiblity to trigger this functionality of external sourcing.


    If you need to use the external sourcing with SAP MRP create a new implementation for BAdI MD_PURREQ_POST and inherite from the class provided in attached correction instruction.

    Note 1546980 - MRP PReq: PurchaseRequestERPSouricingRequest_Out not send


    1263876 - SAP SRM: Configuration of Procure-to-Pay Scenario

    Note 1504247 - ME54/ME55 does not trigger sourcing SOA message

    Note 1436550 - Multiple PR scenario PurchaseRequestERPSourcingRequest_Out

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      Asim Iftikhar
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      I have similar issue, i have done "Start collective processing and Transfer to Central System" when i go and try to do assign source of supply i dont find the SC and PR. I went back and checked the workflow for PR it is error status with error " Error in a service of application  MMPUR".


      There was issue with UOM ISO which i corrected in configuration.


      Now when i am trying to create shopping cart the " Transfer to Central System is greyed out. I cant create Shopping Cart. Is there a way to fix the error in workflow or to enable the Transfer button.


      I believe there will be issues in PR or back end configuration in ECC and PRs will fail to convert into SC how to handle this ind of issue.