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OSS Note impact analysis

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Hi Technical Experts,


I would like to knnow how is impact analysis carried our for OSS note implementation.


Example SAP suggest to implement code correction through oss note how does one do impact analsysis of that note?


Another question is once I have implemented oss note and transfer to quality system wherein while testing I find that this code correction does not help.What normally is done for those transport request in Quality server? Is it de-implemented or deleted from there without relesing further to productive system?


Please share your experience and forward releants link if any




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    Matthew Billingham
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    Please don't ask for links


    OSS Notes can be considered, usually, as part of SAP standard - early implementations of support packs, if you will. Your impact analysis is really to check whether it fixes the problem. The impact of not implementing the note is remaining with the issue.


    Only apply notes if you have a problem, and you think the note might correct it.


    If the note doesn't fix the problem, you can reverse it, using transaction SNOTE. But usually that's just not necessary. After all, it's fixing something that has been clearly shown to be wrong. Remember that notes are SAP provided software and come with all the guarantees of that software.


    That's my view of notes after 14 years of applying them - including before transaction SNOTE was invented!

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    Dileep Kumar Chinnaiah
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    Hi SB,

    Need not to worry about your case, its quite common as there will be Pre-Required/Dependent notes.


    For example, you are applying a note "Note 1" for "Problem XYZ".

    Even though note "Note 1" is the correct solution to "Problem XYZ", There might be some dependent notes " Note X" to be applied as well, Once all the Pre-Required/Dependent/Required Notes are applied you can see the impact, (Impact = Solution).


    And as Matt said, Notes are directly from SAP. So you can always stay with them.


    -Dileep .C

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    Sameena Patel
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    SAP Notes are generally solution-guaranted. But still impact analysis should be considered. We had an instance when implementing SAP note had created dumps in the system and no one was able to execute anything and we had to bring the system down. In addition to the added note we also had to delete related notes to get everything working back. But this is a rare scenario.


    Also, not all SAP notes related to your problem may be the solution to your problem. You need to do impact analysis and testing to which suits your needs. If the note that was implemented was not suitable, it can be deleted using transaction code SNOTE

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