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#multivalue error for detail object in webi report

Shreya Singh
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I am facing #multivalue error in my webi report.

I am using 2 queries 


Query 1


Account Number

Cost Center


Query 2

Account Number

Order Number


Now I want to display Account Namer,Cost Center and Order Number in the report.


So I merged Account Number from both the queries, and created a detailed object "Order" and associated it with [Query 1].[Account number].


But Order displays values for some accounts, and displays Nulls and #MULTIVALUE error for some accounts.


Please through some light on this issue.

I tried every possible solution from my side, but couldn't get it work. It is happening because there is a 1:N relationship between Account Number and Order. I can not use any aggregate function because it will give only the Max or Min value, but I want list all the value of for each Account Number. Avoid Duplicate Row Aggregation was also checked but it didnot help.