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Transaction recording

Andy Boersma
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I found this in an older post and have a question.


If we want transaction recording of who did it, and we use the following what would happen if the user does not have an SAP account?

We load users from AD with LDP and it is possible that we do not have the user is SAP (not intentionally), will it default to MIIuser that logs onto SAP or does it hang?.






u2022 Login name in ABAP must be the same as in Netweaver (Java) - when creating users in Netweaver, copy them from ABAP. An other option might be to map the users in Netweaver with the users of ABAP, in case users are different.

u2022 SSO certificates have to be exchanged between the two systems, SAP R/3 and Netweaver CE.

u2022 Profile parameters in SAP R/3 system should be correct


Configuration in SAP MII:

u2022 In the JCO action block (for RFC or BAPI call) in the link editor, set SAPUserName property to u201C$MYSAPSSO2$u201D

u2022 Define a transaction property MYSAPSSO2 and in the link editor from the JCO action block, link it to SAPSSO2Ticket property

u2022 In MII Menu - Dataservers - XacuteConnector activate property u201CAutobindu201D

u2022 In MII Menu - System Connection Editor - JCO (used JCO connection) - activate u201CSSOu201D


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    Udayan Upreti
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    If I understand this correctly - you have SSO turned on between R/3 & MII (I see that you use $MYSAPSSO2$).

    This would essentially mean that the JCO would use these cresentials to enter R/3.

    In case the user does not exist in R/3 then I would think it(JCO) should throw an authentication exception and not execute the transaction at all.