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About MB1A, MB1B, MBIC

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Hello all guru and experts


I am a abaper and want to know about the functionality of the TCode MB1A, MB1B, MBIC in detail.

Can anyone give there precious time to explain me this. I want to know about each field and why it is used?



I request you to please help me.

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    Rasik  M Waghela
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    MB1A is used to Post Goods Issue....You can select the movement type for which you have to issue the goods.



    MB1B is used for Transfer posting of material i.e palnt to plant or storage location to storage location etc..



    or blocked to unresticted or unresticted to blocked depnding on movement type you select



    And MB1C is used for goods reciept.


    Generally it is used for initial stock upload.






    Rasik Waghela

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    G Lakshmipathi
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    This is not an easy question to answer.  In one sentence you have posted the question but in the same way, it cannot be answered.  If you execute MB1A or MB1B, you can see lot of movement types and each and every movement type has its own significance.


    However, in short I can tell you that MB1A predominently relates to consumption account (expense) and MB1B relates to transfer of material from one location to another.  It could be from one storage location to another or plant to plant.  MB1C would be used to increase the stock in plant.



    G. Lakshmipathi

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    prashanth gaddam
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    All these are used for stock posting with various movement types.


    Just check these








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    Thanks G. Lakshmipathi for reply


    Can you tell me more about MB1C.


    Actually my requirement is if for a lot there is 1000 unit as its quantity

    In sap does we have any provision that we can manage that `1000 unit as follows


    if i am tranfering 10 unit to the one production house and block it for usage then in total quantity its should show only 990 unit.

    once the production is over and only 8 unit is consume then we can return 2 unit to the available quantity so the quanitty is 992.

    Does Sap has Such functionality??

    Actually i have to integrate sap with a .net application.

    can u help in this???

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    Jeyakanthan A
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    MB1A is used to goods issue material stock using movment types(for example 201,551 etc.,)


    MB1B is used for transfer posting material stocks especially special stocks like consignments,subcontractors etc.,


    Movement types - 301,309,311,541 etc.,


    MB1C is used for goods receipt.


    For example


    501 - goods receipt w/o purchase order

    511 - free of charge delivery

    521 - receipt w/o production order into unresrticted

    561 - receipt for intial stock entry