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assign output type to purchase order

Wasimuddin Sayed
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Hi Friends,


I have defined an output tyoe for my purchase orders. I want to assign this output type to my PO such that whenever I create a new PO I dont have to assign the output everytime to take printout.


Can someone please help me how to achieve this.





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    Jeeva Gangatharan
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    For automatic determination of Print output for PO follow these steps :


    Use T.code NACE>Select Application EF (Purchase Order)>Select Condition records>a Pop will appear with the Output types Like NEU etc>Select the Output type required by you-->Double click on that a pop up will come with some Key combination's like


    i.) Pur. Org/Vendor for EDI

    ii.) Doc. type/Pur. Org/Vendor ...............and so on. You select the correct key combination which you maintain


    select the appropriate Key combination and then maintain the same and then save.


    Now create a Purchase Order for testing you will see the automatic message determination in your Purchase Order.



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    Bijay Kumar Barik
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    As all customizing setting done for PO print out & then maintain condition record for message type in t.code : MN04 with PO document type combination with other details


    Now Just fine tune your output (message) type for Purchase Order  in following path:


    SPRO>MM>Purchasing>Message>Output control>Message tyoes> Define message type for Purchase Order-->Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order


    Now here select the check box corresponding to your output(message) type  to have print output for this message type is automatically displayed & save.


    Now try creating PO & you will have default message type in the PO




    Biju K

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    Senthil Palaniyandavan
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    Hi There


    Check the below settings whether you have done it clear,,


    1.NACE-Select EF -Click on Condition records- Select NEU( or your new condition type)-

    2.Select the key combination as Purchasing doc type and enter-

    3.in the next screen -Doc type (mentioned your newly created doc type) and execute it-

    4. in the next screen-Documnet- newly created doc type-medium u201C1u201D Date/Timeu201D4u201D and Language EN and ente

    5. Now select the line and click on the communication and there enter the output device if anything specified for you,,

    6. save it,,


    Now the system will provide the output type as you required,,